When it comes to products of ASUS, we can safely assume that it will be of top quality and that its technical capabilities will far exceed those of its competitors. That already became a standard for motherboards and video cards, but ASUS doesn’t lag behind in other areas and that’s the reason why we’ve seen great notebooks, displays, networking equipment… In the last few years the company’s name became a synonym for quality sound and next to these fantastic sound cards are also headphones of no less superior characteristics. After the exquisite Vulcan PRO, ASUS made a new mascot, Orion PRO, which also belongs to the ROG brand of products, specially made for gamers.
microphone out cover

Given that audio systems, which include source of the sound along with components that reproduce it, can be very complex and incorporate many advanced technologies, it is clear that not all of them can be equally good for all scenarios. Surround system in a cinema hall most definitely wouldn’t provide a very good sound quality in the limited conditions of a flat. Of course, when it comes to gaming, other frequency ranges play a key role, and in this case spatiality of sound is also an important component. It’s precisely because of needs of the professional gaming that engineers of ASUS have definitely mastered this skill, bringing you a truly remarkable set of headphones.

Orion Pro

One of the things that we always appreciated with Republic of Gamers brand of products was rich packaging which included at least one supplement, which made it luxurious and differentiated from the competition. Nothing was different in this case, and it was evident from the packaging box and the impressive shades of black and red that within lies another “pureblood” ROG product. In the box, aside from the headphones with a lengthy cable there’s an extra USB addition which serves as a sound processor, which we’ll explain in detail further in the text. Cable organizer is also present – it’s a special rubber band which enables you to set the desired cable length and wrap the excess around it. We have to admit it’s a nifty addition which doesn’t increase the price of the set that much, but on the other hand it’s a much needed function, considering the length of the cable. While we’re talking about the length of the cable, we should say that we’re very satisfied with both its length and flexibility and during the testing there were no side-effects. The cable itself is braided, meaning that it’s coated with knotted string rather than rubber, which drastically reduces the entanglement, and its length of 2.5 m enabled the comfortable watching of a movie from a bed on the other side of the living room. It’s also really light, so its presence is hardly noticeable while wearing headphones and the only flaw that we found is its fixed position, unlike the Vulcan Pro model. This could be a problem for those who carry their headphones with them, for example, on gaming events, in which case problems occur due to the frequent transport and it’s not possible to replace a cable without disassembling the headphones itself. Also, a carrying bag is not included in the package, which should not come as a surprise, considering the fact that Orion Pro is not a top model, either by its characteristics or its price. Cable ends with two jacks, one is audio jack the other one is for the integrated microphone, and the connectors themselves are, as was to be expected, gilded in order to achieve the best connection.

headset 3d-s braided cable-s cable organizer 3d-s


The headphones themselves are of a more classic design, when compared to wavy lines of Vulcan models, which had a futuristic design, although that doesn’t make them any less attractive. The quality of the materials is on a high level, and aside from the matted plastic and metal parts, they have soft, leather-coated ear pads, which will make sure to maintain the level of comfort even after a prolonged use. And we really have to admit that after three hours of gaming, watching of movies and listening to music we haven’t encountered any discomfort, even though the author of this review frequently has issues with headphones precisely for that reason. This is due to their size, shape and ellipsoid shape of the speaker frame which rests comfortably against the head and lessens the pressure on it. On the both outer sides, there’s a ROG symbol in the shape of the two metal plates which serve to enhance its attractiveness and stress their gaming character. Because this is a peripheral made for gamers, who have to communicate to other players during gaming, they, of course, also have a microphone, installed directly under the left speaker. We say installed, because it’s located completely inside of the left speaker and can simply be pulled out. It’s a flexible spring on whose end is the microphone located and its flexibility allows it to be positioned in a way that suits the user’s needs. This functions exactly as it should have, so we have no doubts that everyone will like it, and the only flaw is that the spring is a bit loose, so sometimes it doesn’t return to original position completely. The microphone itself has a background noise reduction system which works quite well, either during gaming or talking over Skype, the voice levels are excellent.

cushion-s headset 2d side-s


Of course, the most important part of every set of headphones are the speakers themselves as is their quality, and Orion Pro can definitely list that as one of its advantages. ASUS decided to implement neodymium speakers with a membrane diameter of 50 mm, which are, as it turns out tuned perfectly and reproduce excellent sound, which is to be expected out of a gaming audio system. Lower tones are pretty pronounced and penetrative, but not too much so that they do not take over the other sounds of the spectrum, and actually, quite the opposite, because the higher tones are also very clear. Orion Pro produce sounds of excellent clarity on all volume levels and they performed admirably even on mediums other than gaming and movies, such as music reproduction. Of course, that also depends on the music genre and the choice of songs, but we were generally satisfied with what this gaming accessory could do.

microphone out 121107-s rog spitfire 2d-s


As this wouldn’t be a true ROG product without an extra piece of equipment which would enhance the general impression, Orion Pro has another ace up its sleeve, and that’s Spitfire USB sound card. It’s an additional piece of hardware which connects on one side, with a USB cable, to the PC, while on the other side it connects to the headphones, with both audio and microphone jacks. Spitfire has three buttons which represent three different modes of sound – FPS, Surround and Amp. With a push of the button, the corresponding modes are activated which is signalized with red LED background light. It’s also possible to turn on all three modes at the same time, which is actually the default state when they are connected, and the user can then change it at his leisure. Another thing that we liked was the fact that installation of additional software wasn’t necessary for the use of this sound processor, because the system will automatically download the necessary drivers on the first use in a really short time. This also means that users aren’t able to use a program for fine tuning the sound, but the simplicity and the not so rare changing of the PCs are the most important things for the gamers, on which we agree upon. FPS mode should emphasize the frequency ranges of the sounds which are the most important for this genre (enemy movement, shots fired, etc.) and add more detail to it, but in actuality they just add more bass and increase the noise level. On the other hand, we quite liked the surround mode in both games and movies because it adds to the spatiality of the sound, even though it can’t really be compared to the true 7.1 surround system. Also, AMP mode really enhances the sound on all levels (low, medium and high), so in conclusion, Spitfire can really be useful, especially if you don’t have a good sound card.


Other set of headphones that we’ve received for testing are a bit cheaper ASUS product, also aimed towards gamers, and they are so similar to Orion Pro that we can put the differences in one sentence. The main difference is that there is no USB sound processor with ASUS Echelon model, because it’s exclusive to Orion Pro model.

echelon headset 3d-s in-line-volume-controller-s microphone out-s


Echelon headphones are not a part of the ROG brand of products and therefore don’t have the black and red pattern, but they have a completely different, “military” pattern. We actually prefer this grey and green camouflage pattern, because the headphones that look like that look more “serious”.  Of course, all of this is a matter of taste, but when it comes to technical capabilities, the things are pretty clear – Echelon is almost the same as Orion Pro model, so it’s probably a preferable option if the user doesn’t intend to utilize the Spitfire addition. Aside from the aforementioned difference in the color scheme, there are also a few minor details, like metallic plates that don’t contain the ROG symbol and the slightly rubberized headphones’ frame. Echelon model also has the braided cable of 2.5 m length with gilded connectors, and it also has the same neodymium speakers with a membrane diameter of 50 mm.

Specification ASUS Orion Pro ASUS Echelon Camo edition
Speaker diameter 50 mm
Speaker type Neodymium magnet
Frequency range 20 ~ 20000 Hz
Cable length 2.5 m
Noise cancelation Passive, 30 dB
Weight 268 g
Additional ROG Spitfire audio DSP / rubber cable organizer /
Price 89 € 79 €
Contact www.asus.com

We’d also like to mention additional two elements that we haven’t discussed before, which are present on both models. First, near the end of the cable (some 0,5 m away from the headphones) there’s a control module with a round potentiometer for volume control or to mute the microphone. Also, both models have extremely soft ear pads which fit comfortably against the ears and which also, aside from the obvious function, passively isolate the outside noise. Manufacturer’s specifications indicate that they manage to block up to 30% of the incoming noise and that proved to be the case in practice, even though it’s not as nearly as much as is the case with headphones with active noise filtering.

headset 2d-s headset 2d (front)-s


We’re very pleased with both of these ASUS models, among which there isn’t that much difference, aside from the additional equipment. Both of them are extremely comfortable headphones aimed towards gamers, with high quality speakers and a microphone. Production quality is also more than satisfactory, and the nifty microphone system which can be hidden in the left speaker is an added bonus. One of best things about these two models is their coziness and the lack of discomfort even after hours and hours of use, which will be important to all those who spend their free time on gaming. Quality of sound is exquisite, it’s a real delight to play games and watch movies with these headphones and they can freely be used to listen to music. Orion Pro belongs to the ROG series and comes with slightly better equipment which includes an USB sound card and a rubber cable holder, while Echelon offers the same deal, albeit without the additional equipment, but it’s also cheaper. If you decide that you don’t need the USB Spitfire and that you don’t intend to use it, then Echelon is the definitely for you. However, if you’re a real enthusiast and a fan of the ROG brand, then for not much higher price you can get better equipment and, of course, the excellent set of Orion Pro headphones which you will use for complete multimedia enjoyment