t best circular saws.
The Vybe Nemo is a good choice for those not interested in the traditional circular saw, but who want an affordable tool that can easily take up the majority of the space in their workshop. This cheap circular saw comes with a 4.5 pound blade and a simple, easy-to-use lever that lets you adjust the blade to get into tight spots and make quick work of wood. This feature is a nice bonus for those who aren’t ready to spend a lot of money on a piece of equipment that they’ll likely be unable to use.
We also like the Garant Ceramic. It’s a good choice if you like to use a ceramic saw and want to have a tool that doesn’t rust. This little tool comes with a handy little spring loaded blade that allows you to use it with your existing ceramic saw blades, or you can just buy a new set and go with a new blade.
3. Dewalt DWSTD7010 10-Amp Circular Saw, 22-1/2 Inch
We also like the Garant DSS 18V Circular Saw. This saw is a little over 20 pounds, so it’s pretty much the weight of the saw. A ceramic saw is a bit of an expense compared to a metal model, but you get what you pay for. You’ll find that a 22-1/2 inch circular saw with a 4 point straight blade is going to be the difference between a simple circular saw and a full-sized circular saw.
We’ll also like the way the power cord is hidden in the saw’s body and is easy to keep in your tool box. The power cord is a nice touch that allows you to be able to quickly remove the cord and replace it with a new one if needed. The circular saw is a little over 10 inches in diameter, so it’s not going to be the biggest tool on the market, but it’s definitely the best one.
The only thing we don’t like about the DWSTD7010 is that it doesn’t come with a blade guard. However, we’ll probably have to wait until the next model year to see one.
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4. Werner C7 15-Inch Circular Saw – Best Circular Saw
We like the design of the Werner C7 15-Inch Circular saw. It has the classic circular saw look, has a full sized handle, and is a very sturdy piece of equipment.
The blade is a 7-1/4-inch wide blade with a 6-3/4 inch overall length. This makes it quite a bit easier to cut through your materials. It’s also nice to cut through thick material without having to worry that you’ll over-cut the blade.
The blade guard, while easy to remove, is a nice feature that makes it easier to replace the guard with your old saw if you break it. This feature also makes it easier to remove the whole saw, if you ever decide to do so.
The saw is made from high-quality aluminum, so it’s nice and lightweight. You’ll find the blade to be made of a corrosion resistant material, giving you a very long-lasting tool.
The saw is available in black, so you can choose the best shade for your needs. We love the bright color of this tool as well.
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