t best speaker cable for car audio, but the $99 Samsung SW7A is worth every penny. It’s sleek, powerful, and reliable.
Samsung makes excellent speakers, and the SW7A is no different. It’s no slouch either, and it’s easy to put together with no tools required. It’s a little pricier than the other Samsungs, but it’s well worth the price. And if you’re looking for an affordable stereo system, the SW7A is the best option for your money.
Buy the Samsung SW7A on Amazon for $79.99
What to look for in an amplifier
The next big thing you should consider is the quality of the amp and sound quality. In general, the better ones are better, but make sure you read our article on what is the best amplifier for surround sound to find out which ones are worth buying.
The sound quality from the amplifier itself is pretty much the key, otherwise you risk an over-ear effect with the sound being thin and even unpleasant. Also, the sound isn’t great when the speakers are plugged in.
Finally, the sound of the amplifier should be good, which means it shouldn’t be harsh as it can sound to many different ears, especially if they’re sitting right in the center of the room.
If you’re looking for an amplifier that won’t break the bank, the Yamaha NS-AW7201 is our second best choice. It’s got some nice features, but it’s also affordable and relatively lightweight for its quality.
Yamaha is known for its quality speakers, and the NS-AW7201 is no exception. The speaker is loud and is able to produce decent sound when you’re listening at a moderate volume. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of some of the other speakers, but if you’re looking for a budget stereo system, this is the one for you.
And if you’re looking for a sound system for movies, the Yamaha NS-AW7503 is our top pick. It’s got a decent amount of bass and a lot of clarity, making it very effective at making your movies sound rich and natural.
Yamaha isn’t the only company doing very good things with speaker quality. LG also makes excellent speakers for home theater, and the LG BTS650ES is our second-best choice.
The audio quality is great, but the downside is that it can be a little bit louder than the NS-AW7201.
Finally, even though the NS-AW7503 is one of the best sounding stereo systems on the market and a great value for its price, it isn’t the best option for anyone who’s looking for a subwoofer.

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