t best corkscrews
6.5/5 stars from over 60 reviews
“The Corkscrew is the best and the best that you can get. You may have a fork in your shop, and they may not be able to turn it into a corkscrew. The Corkscrew has a nice little handle so it is easier to hold. I use this corkscrew every day and it is a really useful tool to have. The Corkscrew has a nice sized hole to hang your bottle from. The hole is easy to use. The Corkscrew is also easy to clean. It is a very nice little tool to have around and I think it is one of the best corkscrews on the market. It is good value for the price and I think it is worth the price if you intend on using this cork fork frequently.”

$22 at Amazon


Fiskars Corkscrew with Handle and Cork
4.4 stars, 3,749 reviews
“The Fiskars Corkscrew with Handle and Cork is the best cork fork out there. I have owned many different types and brands of cork fork and never had one so good. I had this one for a month and was very satisfied. I have a Corkscrew and the handle fits perfectly to the fork and I like that it has a nice heavy-duty, chrome finish. The Corkscrew has two openings for corks, and the openings are not too large. The Corkscrew has a nice handle so it is easier to hold than the other cork forks I have tried. I will definitely buy this fork again.”

$29 at Amazon


CORK FRONT FISHING CORKScrew, CORK KNIFE, FISHING CORKSHUN, Corkscrew, Metal, Corkscrew, 4 Piece, 18″, Black
$15 (was $30, now 10% off) 4.1 stars, 8,097 reviews
“I have bought many Corkscrews in the past that I have never used until now. This one is a new addition to my collection. I had been looking for a quality cork fork that was easy to use but wasn’t heavy. This fork has a nice heavy-duty stainless steel handle that helps me to reach tight spots. I also like that the fork is easy to clean. I love that I can easily fit the fork into a cork case or bag when coring.”

$15 at Amazon


4.3 stars, 8,062 reviews
“I never thought I would like corkscrewing, but this is so easy that it is a pleasure. The only thing I needed to do was take the fork out of the plastic case and put it into the cork case. The cork was ready for the job. I’m not going to tell anyone how much I like this fork but it works as I wanted it to and I can’t be happier. I really like this fork as it’s made of the highest quality materials. It comes with a set of two long corkscrews so you never have to buy the cork pieces separately.”

$35 at Amazon


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