OPPO is an electronics manufacturer based in China, already known on several markets for their range of MP3 and portable media players, LCD TVs, e-book readers, and starting recently, mobile phones. We are usually a bit  skeptic when we are  encountering a new smartphone manufacturer for the first time. However, we  have received very good impressions from different sources about their earlier model named Finder which still holds the title of the slimmest phone in the world and is available only on China market. Intrigued, with high expectations and  critical attitude we welcomed OPPO Find 5 in our lab.
find-5-2 cover

If package is meant to make a statement, Find 5 did its job well - this is the most luxurious packaging for any phone we have tested  so far. On the upper side of black box is a highly stylized number 5, and it  has two flaps on top which are securely locked in place by a magnet. One of the flaps even  has an aluminium stripe fixed on it, which looks very nice. Inside the packaging are, as expected, the phone itself, a charger with microUSB cable which can be used for data transfer and a wired headset. Peel-off plastic sheet  has several interesting  pieces of information printed on it, the most important one being that battery is service replaceable. On top of the nice booklet is OPPO logo-styled pin for removing microSIM tray.

The  phone by itself is imposing, elegant black and thin rectangular bar with slightly curved back. That makes the phone look thinner and greatly improves in-hand feel. Screen is quite close to the edge on the side, these bezels are the smallest we saw until now. Back panel is made of strong plastic, fully fingerprint resistant. Next to the logo on the back you can spot loudspeaker grill and camera island with two flash LEDs surrounded with a metal stripe.

find-5-1-s find-5-2-s find-5-3-s


OPPO Find 5 comes with the advanced 1/3.06-type 13-megapixel camera sensor. With Stacked CMOS technology, it features an f/2.2 aperture, 4-layer coating and blue glass filters. On the front, Find 5 it is fitted with a 1.9-megapixel camera. Camera app is very fast to start and easy to use. There are not many available options, but for the most part they will be sufficient. Taking pictures in HDR mode is slower than with competition with same size sensors. Overall, the quality of taken pictures is not best in the class, but we believe it can be significantly improved by software update. Will OPPO do this? Judging by the current state of things, probably.   

Behind the grill are two speakers capable of reproducing very loud sound of high quality, better than in most competitors’ products. Attention to details is best reflected in the addition of a small bump near speaker holes, which prevent sound to be muted when phone is placed with its back on the surface. Find 5 comes with the Dolby 3D surround sound technology and the DiracHD, a combination of hardware and software enhancements. Dolby 3D and Dolby mobile are filters that we encountered many times before, and as always they change nature of sound. We don’t like this, but it does help in noisier environments, as the sound becomes louder. Dirac, on the other hand, offers more subtle enhancements, trying to optimize impulse response to be as close to theoretical spike as possible. Resulting effect is noticeable and not that aggressive. Will you use it or not, depends on your personal taste, quality of headphones and music genre you listen.  The accompanying headphones can produce decent sound, but neither  its looks or its manufacturing quality are in the same category as the phone.    

find-5-4-s find-5-5-s find-5-6-s


As OPPO states in their press release, just the front frame which weighs only a 6.3 grams, takes four hours to craft. Starting with a 210 gram piece of stainless steel, it undergoes 12 manufacturing processes, after which it’s given a black chrome plating in a 1470 °F (800 °C) vacuum environment. This frame greatly contributes how OPPO Find 5 fills in-hand, and also protects the screen from impact. Overall, due to the combination of stainless steel chassis and high quality polycarbonate plastic, OPPO Find 5 feels extremely well made, just a tad bulkier than competition - a  true man’s phone.

On the right side there are two buttons for volume control, but power switch is moved to the right. Bottom is reserved for microphone and micro USB slot, while 3.5mm audio out is only one on the top. As you probably have guessed by now, there is no microSD expansion available which can become a problem, especially on a 16 GB version. If you are buying Find 5, we recommend to spend a little bit more and go for the 32 GB version. The reason is simple, if you are buying this phone, you will probably play large and demanding games, or watch a movie or two and have a huge music library, models with less internal storage will soon become cramped.


find-5-7-s find-5-8-s find-5-9-s


Almost whole of the front side is covered with Gorilla Glass 2, with the screen off, the front becomes a borderless sheet of pure black, quite a treat for the eyes. Just a small bottom part of the front side is made of sturdy plastic, and we feel that it was more of a design choice than a must. Screen takes most of the front side, and what a screen it is. Quite big, high resolution, great viewing angles, excellent color reproduction, good brightness.  Already big screen estate is not hampered with UI navigation buttons; they are moved to their separate space under the screen. Watching movies, playing games, or just web browsing is a real treat on this screen. It has high pixel density (441 ppi), fonts are sharp, without blurry edges, pictures and videos are vivid and crystal clear. Due to usage of Gorilla 2 glass protection, which is quite thin, screen pops out, like it is just there.

Hardware platform, while not the fastest one at the moment, is not that far behind and it is quite capable. Quadcore S4 Pro processor is no slouch, the same goes for GPU which delivers enough power to accelerate demanding 3D games in Full HD with satisfying FPS. Lots of RAM makes task-switching enjoyable, and guaranty that the phone will work properly even after a prolonged usage, even with more and more memory-hungry apps. Android OS of choice is 4.1.1, so not the latest edition, but, as we have stated several times before, improvements brought by 4.2.x are not that big, and we don’t feel a need to jump to that wagon ASAP.  

OPPO Find 5 (X909)
Processor Qualcomm quadcore Krait S4 Pro 1.5 GHz
GPU Adreno 320
memory 2 GB RAM, internally available 11.5 GB, total 16GB
Battery 5'', 1920x1080 pix, IPS capacitive, Gorilla Glass 2
Display microUSB, Bluetooth, WiFi n, DC HSDPA, GPS
Interfaces Back: 13 MP with autofocus and 2x LED flash; Front: 1.9 MP
Camera Li- Ion 2500 mAh
OS Android OS 4.1.1
User interface OPPO
Dimensions [mm] 141.8x68.8x8.9
Weight [g] 165
Price [€] 500
Contact http://en.oppo.com/product/find5/

User interface is heavily customized on almost every step, starting from Lock Screen and so on. Icons, transitions, notifications area, app drawer, settings, etc... Everything is skinned. There are a lot of widgets added like Power, Weather, Calendar, Contacts, Clock, etc...  Those widgets, along with the icons, share a similar design style, a bit cartoonish and with a hint of iOS styling. We are not very fond of this, notification and settings area with theirs minimalistic and elegant design looked much better to us.

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scr 2013-05-12-08-13-58-s scr 2013-05-12-08-14-30-s scr 2013-05-17-18-03-05-s


Very good software support is strengthened with plethora of preinstalled apps. All of the usual Google services are grouped in one folder for easier usage, but we guess that you will move most often-used ones to the App Drawer. In another folder, named Tools are some of preinstalled and useful apps. Full Quickoffice is great for manipulation with Office type document, and Sound Recorder is doing exactly what you expected. Flashlight is nice addition, especially when it is set to activate LED flash if the phone is locked and home button is pressed. It will continue to provide light while the home button is pressed, a nice option we already found on some custom ROMs. Video and music apps are above the average, which we really liked. Video player is surprisingly powerful and capable of reproducing a wide range of formats, types and subtitles, out of which most use hardware acceleration. During our testing we encountered only one problem with reproducing high Bit Rate avi files, but we were more than happy to see that mkv, coded with h264 in full HD with dts and 20 Mbit/s bit rate, played fluidly. Similar praise can be said for audio player, which supports a lot of features like lyrics, album art, etc., and can play both mp3 and flac audio files. Another nice addition is Files, a quite powerful file manager with simple and easy to understand design. It sorts file in categories according to type (regular folder view also available) but also supports FTP for local networks, so you can move files to and from phone using WiFi.

Benchmarks gave us numbers we expected showing that OPPO Find 5 is a powerful beast, just a bit lagging behind HTC One and Galaxy S 4 and on par with Xperia Z. Only thing where Find 5 was significantly behind them was in text reflow test, not easily noticeable by naked eye, and probably easily solved by future software update. In everyday tasks Find 5 works fluidly and fast, whether that’s opening web pages, navigation, media playback or just browsing on home screen or app drawer. Latest 3D games were only thing capable of heating it up a bit, but even notoriously-taxing ones like NFS Wanted didn’t show a sign of low FPS, which is great. If you are worried about battery life, don’t be, since the high capacity battery inside Find 5 easily achieved two days on a single charge under moderate to heavy usage.

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If you are an enthusiastic user, you probably know a lot about many smartphone manufacturers who lock their boot loaders, in order to fight against users obtaining root privileges, not providing updates on time or at all, or not posting required files for users (ROM developers) to build their own ROMs. Not to mention lack of direct communication with buyers of their smartphones or not giving official info in regards of planned updates and their dates. OPPO took a completely different approach, since they have forums on their website where they publicly announce all  of this information, as well as updated version of ROM’s. There, they communicate with users, provide them with the requested info as well as potential solutions for problems encountered. They are committed to new ROM release every two weeks, and, in most cases, it is available via OTA around the world. It happens sometimes that things go wrong and ROM  has some problems, although they apologize and fix it ASAP. In the latest ROM version they even added a forum application, which is great for enthusiasts around the world. While it won’t receive the latest Android OS like Nexus devices, this approach is great nevertheless, they listen to their users, their wishes are fulfilled, and problems are solved. OPPO needs to be  praised for this - great job.

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Does Find 5 have what is needed to play in the same league as the big guys, such as S4, Xperia Z or One? Let’s start with things that we miss, like LTE. While there is not so good coverage for this tech around the world, it is the future, and leaders need to be timeproof. While it is possible to buy both 16 and 32 GB, we always like to see micro SD support, one never knows when it will need more storage. It is a bit bigger / thicker / heavier compared to the other flagships, which doesn’t necessarily need to be bad thing - that’s why it has high capacity battery and it feels and present itself as a robust phone.

With that being said, good things are much more important. First of all, it looks stunning, with manufacturing quality able to put most of the competition to shame. The  choice of materials used in its production make Find 5 an extremely durable smartphone able to withstand use for a prolonged period of time. Gorgeous, HD screen with lots of space is quite enjoyable to use. Strong hardware with solidly optimized software makes the phone very responsive and fast to use. Audio is above the average, with high quality speakers and line out. OPPO customer support is in a league above others in their current state, and enthusiasts are encouraged to fiddle with their Find 5, quite the opposite of competitors’ stances. The best thing at the end, depending on the market, Find 5 is 20 to 30% more affordable than competitors, not an easy thing to pull off without cutting any corners. If you feel at least a bit enthusiastic, we encourage you to reach for OPPO Find 5, you won’t be disappointed.