Right from the start In Win company wants to leave a good impression. This manufacturer is very famous in the eastern markets for their power supplies and chassis, even though they have lots of other products in their portfolio. Their desire to prove themselves is obvious, because their first power supply has 800 W, so it falls into a complex category.
IMG 9915 cover


The package contains the basic equipment that consists of cables and a few other things to help you with managing the cables. It’s interesting that there’s no bag provided that could be used to store the unused cables, but they can be placed in a cardboard compartment of the original box. Additional bags are an unwritten rule with famous brands and we hope that In Win will abide by it in the future. The power supply itself looks very well-made. The first encounter with it shows real promise. It’s very heavy and the chassis is made out of thick tin, which gives the impression of durability. The choice of color scheme is a bit controversial and many won’t like it.
IMG 9920
The color is beige, which will remind some users of the color of sand, which, we assume, was the point. The name Desert Fox is associated with Rommel (famous field marshal of the Nazi Germany during World War II), and we all know which color was dominant in his environment during his stay in Africa. Aside from the color, there’s not much that we didn’t like about this power supply. There’s the excellent 80 Plus Gold certificate, four +12 V branches of 25 A each, modular cables with a large number of connectors, such as PCI-Express 6 and 8 pin.

Declared power 800 W
Current +12V/+5V/+3,3V 4 x 25A / 24A / 24A
Connectors MB 20+4-pin x 1 ; CPU 4+4-pin 12V x 1 ; PCI-e 6+2-pin x 2; SATA x 9 ; Peripheral 4-pin x 3 ; Floppy 4-pin x 1
Dimensions 86 x 150 x 180 mm
Protection   OVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, UVP, SCP
Efficiency 80 Plus Gold
Warranty 5 years
Price 80 €
Contact www.inwin-style.com

In practice

Desert Fox proved to be quite good, even though not entirely excellent. First of all, its great power at a very affordable price enables you to power very demanding configurations with multiple video cards without any problems. The only thing that we didn’t entirely like was the somewhat greater oscillation of 12 V branch under heavy load. We couldn’t call it critical, far from it, but we’ve had the impression that it’s somewhat more than you should expect from a power supply with 80 Plus Gold certificate. Aside from that, we didn’t encounter any drawbacks.

IMG 9917-s IMG 9919-s

  Idle (102 W) Full load - Prime95 (188 W) Full load - Furmark (285 W) Full load - Prime95 & Furmark (465 W)
CPU 12V 12.07 12.05 12.00 11.95
PCI-Express 12V (GPU1) 12.08 12.06 12.01 11.96
12V 12.03 12.06 12.01 11.96
5V 5.03 5.01 4.98 4.96
12V 12.07 12.04 12.01 11.95
5V 5.05 5.02 4.99 4.97
3.3V 3.35 3.31 3.30 3.29
Test configuration: Core i5 2500K @ 4.5GHz, ASUS P8Z77-V, 2x4GB AMD Multimedia Edition DDR3 1600MHz, Asus Radeon R9 290 DirectCU II OC, Seagate Barracuda 1TB, Windows 7 64bit, ForceWare 326.41, Catalyst 13.12

The 135-mm fan does a great job of cooling the power supply’s components, which evidently aren’t too loud, so during the whole period of testing, the power supply was very quiet. All in all, nothing major could be criticized and we consider that In Win did a great job.
IMG 9918
For 80 euros, you get a very quiet 800 W power supply, modular cables, with 80 Plus Gold certificate of efficiency, five year warranty and minimal oscillations.