Mechanical keyboard are conceptual way of going back to the past, in time before we’ve had shallow buttons, notebooks, membrane, macro buttons and much more. Just remember the older computers with massive keyboards which had a “telephone” cable, when everything was bigger, thicker and more durable. Those who are nostalgic about these times, probably already have a mechanic model of that generation. In case you don’t and you want to go back into the past in best way possible, QuickFire XT could be just the solution.
tk 004 cover


Just basics

QuickFire XT is actually a very basic mechanical keyboard during whose design there was no experimentation. This is just our assumption, because it can get no more classical than this. The new model has no additional keys, no handrest, the keys are positioned in such a way that experienced users can guess where each one is with their eyes closed and the desire to return the keyboard to its basis function, to just be a keyboard, is noticeable. Not a multimedia center with macro keys whose number is close to three digits, which has a color LCD with a diagonal length of an average smartphone. And we appreciate that. Not only did we like this concept, we also hope that Cooler Master will remain committed to this approach, rather than to approach that companies such as Logitech have. QuickFire XT has only what it’s necessary – fantastic choice of materials, extremely durable construction, reinforced by a large steel plate inside the keyboard itself. The keyboard has Cherry MX Blue keys which have two clicks, of which one is the result of a mechanism reaction and the other one is is “key bottoming”. With medium-low resistance, these mechanisms are extremely loud. We actually liked this sound, but it could cause negative reactions of other household members during long typing sessions. In order to avoid being kicked out of the house by the time you reach the page 3 of a Word document, we advice prior consulting with people with whom you share the apartment. Besides, Cooler Master offers other mechanisms which are slightly quieter, so you definitely have an alternative.
tk 001

Connection USB 2.0
Additional Cherry MX Blue
Warranty 3 years
Price 90 €

As for the key quality, there’s no need to go into too much details. The durability of Cherry MX mechanism is a couple times higher than of those who have classic keys, so in accordance with the rest of the keyboard, they will easily last for a long period of time with no sign of malfunction, no matter how you treat them. We’ve also liked the addition of red coverings for WASD keys, which are replaceable and can be used to pronounce the gaming capabilities of this keyboard. As for the key layout, it’s rather conservative. Whether it’s ANSI or ISO version, it doesn’t have any deviations, and neither have the gaps or sections had any compromises. Simply put, everything is in its place. Cooler Master also provided the tools for replacing the keys and the cable is more durable than ever. It’s an armored cable which, due to its increased thickness, is a bit more rigid than before, but we believe that after a time it will be easy to manipulate. The one thing that some users might miss is the lack of key backlight, which QuickFire series possessed, as a rule. Still, QuickFire XT is return to the original formula and in case you have problems with that, Cooler Master has lots of other models in their portfolio which have illumination for every key.
tk 005


There’s no doubt that this is an excellent keyboard. Even though the price is a bit higher, the quality itself guarantees that the investment will pay off, because QuickFire XT, assuming you don’t get bored with it, will last for a long time, on multiple computers, considering that it can last for a full decade before showing signs of wear and tear. Some of have been using QuickFire XT for a year and half and it still looks better than many other keyboard which have been used only for a few months.
tk 006
Therefore, it can be said that “mechanic” pays off, in case you plan on using a keyboard for a long time. As for the design, look and functionality, we can only say that we’ve liked QuickFire XT a lot and it gets nothing but a full recommendation from us.