We’ve tested another model that was clearly made by the LG recipe. In designing VX2370Smh-LED, Viewsonic used the unavoidable approach with the screen frame. When the screen isn't displaying anything, the frame around it looks impressively thin, just three milimeters. Still, when it's turned on, it becomes clear that only a part of the front surface is capable of reproducing an image, so the real frame is closer to the already known width of about one centimeter. Even though the design doesn't provide much room for leaving a unique mark, Viewsonic found a way.
vx2370smh-led connectors hires 1500 cover

All of the ports and touch-sensitive buttons are located on the screen holder. That makes connecting cables much easier, and controlling the OSD menu nearly impossible. With its cryptically marked buttons, Viewsonic was never much good with ergonomic inovations, but forcing the users to bend and peek behind the screen to set the screen really is a novelty. Clearly not an improvement. If you were ever frustrated with touch-sensitive buttons that you can't see clearly, be ready to go completely crazy when you try to find them just by touch. When everything is placed into the holder, we really see no point for using an external transformator.
vx2370smh-led front hires 1500The most important thing, panel performances, are not easily diminished. We're glad that we can say that there are no more red, blue or purple ones. It may sound weird, but those were the first models. This one, on the other hand, precisely renders colors, whether it’s gradation transitions, heat or contrast. Display of color black is uniformed, without breaking the backlight and with inconspicuous, but unavoidable for these types of screens, reflection. Because it’s slightly pronounced and white, it won’t bother you much. Response time is of expected speed, and it’s so good that it’s hard to imagine a situation where it would deviate from perfection. Same could be said for viewing angles. Despite its large surface, the screen fought fiercely against our attempts to see image degradation, until we’ve tried absurd positions.
vx2370smh-led back hires 1500

Viewsonic VX2370Smh-LED 
Screen size 23''
Resolution 1920 x 1080 pix
Pixel size 0.265 mm
Panel type IPS
Angle H/V 178/178 °
Response 7 ms (GTG)
Brightness 250 cd/m²
Contrast 1000:1
Interfaces HDMI (HDCP), DVI-D, D-Sub
Price US$ 160
Contact www.viewsonic.com

With price and performances, this model doesn’t deserve attention of those who want an excellent, large screen for relatively small amount of money. It’s not something special, doesn’t have any additional features, and at the first glance it appears as just a regular screen. Visually, it is. If that’s good enough for you, we won’t blame you. But the location of the buttons, while it may seem trivial, is a major oversight and doesn’t allow us to recommend it fully.