HTC One gained a lot of attention with its appearance last week. HTC was very secretive about this one, with several teasing videos playing with our imagination. This will be a big one for HTC, who started to feel pressure from other smartphone manufacturers in recent quarters. While we had a few things to nag about, what was until recently known by its M7 codename overall left us in good spirits. It is no wonder that we wanted to find something more about it, and among few topics of interest is design.
htc one cover

We like it a lot, and was wondering who did it? It appears that culprit is San Francisco company One & Co, with whom HTC already have great cooperation. After all, together they build several awarded HTC phones like Rhyme or Droid. In industrial design not everything is about looks, people drawing new lines need to make them so phone can also work, not just looks good. We are sure they are already planning new models, but for now, HTC One bring more than enough on the table for us to focus on that. And yes, you probably guessed right by now, same studio did design for Kindle Fire and Microsoft Arc.

htc one s

kindle-fire-hd-8.9-landscape mk arcblk large

Stay tuned for more reports from MWC.